Woodchucks/Groundhogs, Gophers/Ground Squirrels, Prairie Dogs



A ground squirrel in Yosemite National Park

  • We have found it difficult to locate information about humane methods for effectively managing conflicting interests of humans and either ground squirrels or prairie dogs. This video is hardly the only example of rather rough ground squirrel management techniques. Even harsher techniques, such as anticoagulants and fumigation, can be relatively ineffective, with populations rebounding to even higher levels.



Woodchuck aka Groundhog


"The term gopher as it is commonly used does not relate to any one species, but is a generic term used to describe any of several small burrowing rodents endemic to North America, including the pocket gopher (family Geomyidae), also called true gophers, and the ground squirrel (family Sciuridae), including Richardson's ground squirrel and species of prairie dog." - Wikipedia


Prairie Dog closeup

Prairie Dog

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