In Buildings

  • Pest Prevention By Design Guidelines
    "These guidelines were produced by a two-year, national, cross-sector project funded by the US Centers for Disease Control. The project's goal was to create a trusted reference for architects, engineers, builders and the green building community on ways to design pests out of buildings. By following these recommendations at the design or retrofit stage of construction, we can improve indoor air quality and save money for the life of the building."
  • "Rodent Proofing Your Residence" brochure of Orange County Vector Control District of Garden Grove, CA
  • Rodent Exclusion Techniques, A Training Guide for National Park Service Employees, by Gerard Hoddenbach, Jerry Johnson, and Carol Disalvo
  • Rodent-Proof Construction And Exclusion Methods by Rex O. Baker, California State Polytechnic University, Gerald R. Bodman University of Nebraska, and Robert M. Timm, University of California, Hopland.
  • Rodent-Proof Construction — Structural, Stephen M. Vantassel, Scott E. Hygnstrom, Dennis M. Ferraro, Richard R. Stowell. A publication of the Univesity of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Insitute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, this NebGuide describes techniques for rodent-proofing existing buildings and those under construction.

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