Patents 1975 - 1994

3,940,876    Mousetrap
Zaccaira    March 2, 1976 
A safe animal trap including a bait chamber for carrying bait to attract the animal to be trapped; a hole in the bait chamber sized to admit the animal to be trapped; an access member having an elongated passage for communicating with the hole, the passage proportioned to restrict entry into the chamber, the passage being sufficiently wide to permit movement therethrough of the animal and being at least as long as it is wide; and means for engaging the access member with the bait chamber.

3992803        Mouse trap
Kaiser        November 1976
An enclosed passageway which provides a housing that is open at one end and has a back closure wall on which is mounted a trap mechanism that is capable of being both set and baited from outside the enclosed housing without handling the trap mechanism itself, and which is disposable or capable of having the entrapped and killed animal displaced therefrom without personal contact.

4,142,320    Animal trap and trapping method
Marcolina, et al.    March 6, 1979
A disposable mousetrap comprises an elongated plastic housing having an air-tight swinging door biased toward its closed condition by a rubber band. An articulated arm extends from the door to the floor of the housing and then to a detent located near the rear of the interior of the housing. A trigger for disengaging the arm from the detent is secured to the arm at the end of the arm which is remote from the door. This structure, and particularly the articulated arm, allows all of the parts of the trap except for the rubber band to be injection molded as a unit.

4145834        Animal trap
Quigley     March 27, 1979
An animal trap of the type including an open top vessel suitable for trapping or drowning an animal is disclosed. The animal is attracted to a fixed platform disposed above the open top vessel. A thrust plate, set to sweep across the platform, is disposed above the vessel. A trigger sensitive to the presence of the animal is disposed on the platform. The trigger is operably connected to the thrust plate so that upon sensing the presence of the animal on the platform, the thrust plate is released, thereby sweeping the animal off the platform and into the vessel where the animal is trapped or drowned.

4155193        Automatic all-purpose trap for catching small animals alive

MacDonald    May 1979
An automatic trap comprising an outer cage and a drum-shaped inner cage rotatably disposed about an axle within the outer cage. The outer cage has an outer opening which is, in the operative position of the trap, aligned with an inner opening formed in the inner cage to permit entry of a small animal into the inner cage. Within the inner cage there is pivotally and non-rotatably disposed a treadle means on the axle. The treadle means engages at its lower, free end a slot in a smooth side wall of the inner cage, thereby locking the inner cage in place when the trap is in its operative position. The treadle means is then actuated when the animal entering the inner cage contacts the treadle means, thereby releasing it and causing the inner cage to rotate relative to the outer cage by movement of the animal. The inner cage is then locked by a locking means disposed in the outer cage which locks the inner cage in a position in which the outer and inner openings are no longer aligned. The animal, seeking to escape, then moves out from the inner cage through the inner opening into the outer cage. The locking means is then released from engagement with the inner cage when the animal depresses a treadle portion of the locking means. The inner cage is then caused to rotate back to its operative position by means of a counterweight provided with the inner cage at a point opposite the inner opening, and the inner cage is thereafter locked in its operative position by the treadle means. The automatic trap is particularly useful in catching small animals such as mice and rats alive and unharmed, one by one. It is simple in construction and operation, and suitable for economical large-scale manufacture. The trap can be used, without the counterweight and the treadle portion of the locking means, for catching a single small animal.

4,180,937    Electrical animal snare
Webster     January 1, 1980
A snare type animal trap actuatable by a solenoid trigger mechanism having a plurality of sensor elements interconnected with a plurality of snares. The trigger mechanism includes a spring biased T-bar structure over which a snare loop is disposed and triggered by an electrical sensor or switch. The T-bar structure is actuated by the movement of a solenoid which is responsive to said switch disposed in the vicinity of the snare loop. Conventional bait such as animal scent is utilized for urging the animal into the snare loop, or noose, for actuation of the trigger. A backup or secondary trigger mechanism is also incorporated wherein the bait is tied to a mechanical trigger associated with the T-bar structure. In this manner, a plurality of bait and noose elements may be disposed relative to a single trigger structure and operated by a single spring element. Such a construction permits the utilization of a single trap for multiple types of bait and bait locations and provides for animal entrapment in a manner not inhumane to the animal.
{The full patent application includes this language:}
6. The apparatus as set forth in claim 1 wherein said sensor means are comprised of a single pole, single throw switch constructed for actuation under light pressure whereby animals of a relatively small size may be detected by said switch.

7. The apparatus of said claim 1 wherein said power means includes a battery for powering said solenoid in response to detection of an animal adjacent a filament snare.

4,216,606     Mousetrap
Kaiser, et al.     August 12, 1980
An enclosed passageway which provides a housing that is open at one end and has a back wall member on which is mounted a trap mechanism, is provided. The trap mechanism is capable of being both set and baited from outside the enclosed housing without handling the trap mechanism itself and which is disposable or capable of having the entrapped and killed animal displaced therefrom without personal contact. A tripping member of the trap mechanism is provided to trigger the trap without requiring the animal to contact the bait.

4253264        Repeating animal trap
Souza        March 1981  
A repeating animal trap particularly for rodents such as rats and mice has a trapping passageway into which animals are attracted due to their inherent curiosity. A trigger within the passageway is tripped by animal pressure and this sets in motion a reciprocatory sweeping mechanism which sweeps the animal from the passageway into an adjacent collecting compartment. The reciprocatory mechanism then returns to its initial position in which it defines longitudinal walls of the passageway to effectively prevent an animal in the collection compartment from pushing its way back into the passageway. A constant force coil spring is used to power the sweeping mechanism with a control system that insures only a single reciprocation of the sweeping mechanism each time the trigger is activated so that the trap operates effectively on successive animals throughout the range of displacement of the spring.

4255891        Automatic animal-trapping device
Chen        March 1981   
The present invention is to provide an automatic animal-trapping device, more particularly, to provide a kind of animal-trapping device, used for trapping mice and other like wild animals, which may repeat its operating cycle all over again and catch lots of mice in continuity with special functions of its automatic control mechanisms.

4,286,404     Trap construction
Novak, et al.     September 1, 1981
There is provided an animal trap construction, in which a coil spring is adapted, upon springing of the trap, to cause a swing arm to pivot upwardly through a vertical arc, and tighten a noose around the leg of an animal. The coil spring is contained between two upstanding brackets, and an end portion of the swing arm, bent at right angles to the latter, passes centrally through the spring, and passes through the two brackets. A first bushing of cylindrical form is fixed within the end of the spring remote from the bend location between the swing arm and its end portion, the first bushing having a smaller-diameter cylindrical extension passing through an aperture in the respective bracket. A second bushing is provided at the other end of the coil spring, the second bushing having a flange which is adapted to be located between the coil spring and the respective bracket. The end portion of the swing arm passes through both bushings. The second bushing has a rib of annular form, extending toward and contacting the respective bracket, in order to reduce friction between the second bushing and its respective bracket.

4,310,984    Rodent and animal trap
Brubaker, Jr.     January 19, 1982
A three-sided molded elongated hollow body consisting of opaque plastic material and defining a channelled front merging into a channelled top and a pair of channelled sides and forming a closable animal entrance, a transparent plastic trap door movably mounted on the body for controlling the animal entrance, a transparent plastic rear closure detachably connected to the top and the sides, a transparent plastic bottom detachably connected to the rear closure and to the sides to define a box-like structure, and a single wire trip engageable with the trap door and actuatable by an animal entering the body to release the trap door effecting closure of the animal entrance thereby.

4318241        Animal extermination trap
Fassauer    March 1982   
An apparatus for exterminating animals such as rodents is provided. The apparatus includes an enclosure large enough to accommodate the body of the animal. An opening is formed in the enclosure to enable entry of the animal. Quantities of first and second chemical compositions are maintained separately from one another within the enclosure. In response to the entry of animals within the enclosure, the first and second compositions are mixed. Compositions react to one another when mixed to form a foam material having a volume substantially greater than the combined volumes of the first and second compositions. The foam fills the enclosure and surrounds and kills the animal. The foam hardens to encapsulate the animal, whereupon the device may be disposed of.

4,377,808    Infrared intrusion alarm system

Kao     March 22, 1983
An improved dual-sensor infrared intrusion alarm system includes a motion discriminator that renders the system responsive to only radiation-emanating objects that are moving through the system's scope of surveillance. A positive or negative sensor signal is developed depending on the relative amounts of radiation impinging on the sensors. A switching amplifier selectively discharges one of two capacitors depending on the polarity of the sensor signal. The voltages across the capacitors are coupled to the inputs of a voltage comparator and the capacitor recharge time constants are selected so that an alarm is indicated only when the length of the time interval between the occurrence of a sensor signal of a given polarity and the subsequent occurrence of a sensor signal of the opposite polarity is within prescribed limits, for example, two seconds.

4363183        Animal trap
Drdlik        December 1982   
An animal trap is disclosed herein which includes a base movably supporting a spring loaded U-shaped jaw that is releasably held to the base by a safety latch mechanism. A bait treadle is movably carried on the base in cooperating relationship with the jaw via a trigger mechanism so that the jaw is actuated upon disturbance of the bait treadle. A cage-like structure is carried on the base and partially encloses the bait treadle so that the animal is guided into a predetermined orientation or position whereby the actuated jaw will strike a vital area of the animal.

4,385,465     Throw-away mousetrap
Palmeri     May 31, 1983
A throw-away mousetrap consisting of a blank of semirigid sheet stock which is prescored for simple conversion into a tubular housing. The floor surface of the housing is coated with a highly adhesive composition which serves as a permanent physical securement and entrapment medium when a mouse enters the housing. The trap is preferably sprayed with a scent to serve as an attractant to the mouse. After serving its purpose the mousetrap is easily closed, and then discarded-mouse and all.

4,413,439     Mousetrap
Lindley     November 8, 1983
A mousetrap having a housing with a top, a bottom, and a peripheral wall to form an enclosure in which to trap a mouse. An entry port through the peripheral wall admits the mouse to one arm of the enclosure. A closure hinged near the top of the entry port can swing down to close it. The entry port is at one side of an interior partition that divides the enclosure into two arms and a bend. A hinged trigger is disposed in the other arm. A latch system includes a deflectable post, a finger connected to the trigger. The finger rests on a latching surface on the post to hold the closure open. The weight of a mouse on the trigger causes the cam to deflect the post and release the finger and closure to close the entry port, trapping the mouse inside. When the enclosure is air tight, the mouse endures a brief period of heat prostration, followed by unconsciousness, and a humane death from asphyxiation.

4429483        Automatic rat killing device
Murakami     February 7, 1984
An automatic rat killing device includes a box having an opening at its top and a stairway leading to its top. A pair of closure plates are pivotally mounted at their one ends on the box for movement between horizontal positions where the two closure plates are mated together at their other ends to close the opening and vertical positions where the closure plates are separated apart to open the opening. A solenoid is mounted on the box and has a stop lever normally engaged with the closure plates to hold them in their horizontal positions. A container holding a viscous liquid is removably accommodated within the box. A detector generates a detecting signal when a rat touches a bait. The solenoid is energized to move the stop lever out of engagement with the closure member so that the closure plates are moved to their vertical positions, thereby causing the rat to fall into the viscous liquid. A returning mechanism is operable to return the closure plates to their horizontal positions whereafter the stop lever is moved to engage the closure plates to retain them in their horizontal positions.

4,462,182    Animal trap
French     July 31, 1984
A dome covered bait carrying animal trap employing a scent attraction through passageways in the base in which an anti-friction support for the trip-trigger results in an improved performance snare trap kill requiring no contact by the user of the traps with the animal caught and eliminated.

4,550,524    Rodent trap
Goebel     November 5, 1985
A rodent trap characterized by a rodent receiving chamber, a partition selectively movable across the chamber in a rodent eradicating relationship, a movable floor portion continually urged to an overlying position with respect to a rodent receiving tray, where the floor portion moves with the partition and cam action releases the floor portion to the aforesaid overlying position. A pressure sensitive switch holds the rodent bait and initiates sequential operation. The trap further employs a two-way solenoid for partition movement and a one-way gearing arrangement for selective floor portion position control.

4,553,349    Mousetrap
Tsai        November 19, 1985
A mousetrap includes a liquid-containing tank and a housing removably positioned on the tank, the housing defining two trap chambers having drop floor sections. A gate which is movable by a motor is movably positioned to cover the opening into one or the other of the trap chambers. When a mouse enters the open trap chamber to eat bait and contacts a sensor of a microswitch, the motor causes the gate to move and trap the mouse in the trap chamber, concurrently causing the drop floor section to be released. The weight of the mouse causes the drop floor to pivot downwardly, resulting in the mouse being dropped in the tank therebelow and drowning. The other trap chamber is in the meantime opened for trapping another mouse and causing it to become drowned.
Tsai; Jen-Fa (San Chung City, Taipei Hsien, TW)   1985

4,569,149    Disposable mouse trap
Sensing, et al. February 11, 1986
A disposable mouse trap (10) for capturing and killing mice or other small animals. The trap (10) comprises an elongated four-sided prism-shaped enclosure (12) provided with an entry end (22) for providing access to the enclosure (12) and an end wall (24) sealing the further end of the enclosure (12). The trap (10) further comprises a trap member (28) hingedly engaged to a corresponding wall of the prism-shaped enclosure (12) such that the trap member (28) will swing toward the end wall (24) of the enclosure (12) to a set position and will swing away from such corresponding wall of the enclosure (12) to a triggered position wherein the trap member (28) is substantially perpendicular to the side walls of the prism-shaped enclosure (12). A biasing means is providing for urging the trap member (28) toward the triggered position along with a trigger member (26) for restraining the trap member in a set position against the force of the biasing means. In one embodiment, the trap (10) is provided with a bait enclosure (60) limiting access to the bait within the trap (10).

4,557,066    Animal trap
Godwin, Jr.     December 10, 1985
A trapping device is disclosed for animals such as rats, mice and other types of animals. One particular design disclosed herein entails a tomb type trap especially designed for rats and mice which is disposable and of a simple and inexpensive monolithic or integral construction. This trap includes a spring loaded conical door that is actuated by the animal itself to move to a closed position and which effectively seals the disposable trap and causes the rats, mice or other animals to suffocate. Once the animal is trapped within the tomb type trap, the same may be discarded.

4,603,504    Mousetrap
Kaiser, et al.     August 26, 1986
{rube goldbergian multi catch trap}

4,607,450    Enclosed mousetrap having improved trap mechanism
Kaiser, et al.     August 26, 1986
An enclosed mousetrap (10) has a trap mechanism (12) mounted on a back wall member (26) and having a bail wire (36) with a straight portion (42) that engages a downwardly projecting detent projection (66) of a catching member (58) in a line contact relationship to ensure effective operation of the enclosed mousetrap. The detent projection (66) is preferably stamped from sheet metal to include a lower surface (102) defined by a front ramp portion (104), a rear detent portion (106), and a lower curved portion (108) that extends between the ramp portion and the detent portion. The lower detent surface (102) preferably has a constantly increasing width in a rearward direction to provide the greatest length of line contact with the bail wire portion (42) in the cocked position to thereby provide frictional capability in holding the trap mechanism cocked.

4,751,790    Snare trap
Thomas     June 21, 1988
A snare-type animal trap is characterized by a spring noose-actuating spring arm which pivots well in excess of from its set to its sprung positions. The spring arm is bent slightly to add to its effective sprung position angle. In a leg snare embodiment, a noose cable guide at the distal end of the spring arm includes a narrow surface from which two upwardly projecting bent guide members extend to define a slot for slidably guiding the cable. The cable is anchored at one end and has a noose formed at its free end by means of a slide member having two through-holes slidably surrounding the cable. A washer precludes passage of the free end of the cable through the first hole which is aligned with a channel defined between two fingers formed at the bifurcated end of the slide member. The fingers are curled back toward the first hole so that the cable can slidably pass through the first hole, the channel, and then through the second hole to form the noose. The channel formed by the curled fingers prevents the cable from pivoting when the trap is actuated and forces the noose to rise vertically.

4,769,942    Pre-set, pre-baited, disposable animal trap
Copenhaver, Sr.    September 13, 1988
A trap for small animals, such as mice, includes a suitable housing having an access opening for an animal. The trap is pre-baited and pre-set for ease and convenience in use, and is disposable and non-reusable. An opening for access to the interior of the trap is initially covered by a removable adhesive strip or other covering approximate to the size of the trap. The housing includes a spring-biased slidable member secured in a set position by a chewable member. When the animal chews through the chewable member to reach the bait, the biased door is released to cover the opening to trap the animal inside.

4,819,368     Disposable mousetrap
Fodor     April 11, 1989
A disposable rodent trap is formed of an aluminum beverage can comprising an internal chamber, a bottom end wall with an opposite end wall including an entry opening therein of sufficient size to permit a rodent to pass into the internal chamber. A door member in the form of a can end is positioned externally of said end wall and movable into a closed position covering and blocking the entry opening by a rubber band.

4831766        Animal trap
Giglietti     May 23, 1989
An animal trap in the form of a closed container having side walls, a bottom wall, and a top wall wherein the side wall has a door opening and a mating inwardly opening door hingedly mounted to the side wall with a bias spring urging the door to a normally closed position providing a closed trap. The door has inwardly flaring bevel edges to provide for a tight closure and prevention of the animal inhabiting the trap from opening the door. The top wall has at least a generally transparent portion to ascertain whether or not the trap is inhabited. The trap has an inner partition forming a pathway greater than the overall length of the animal to be trapped from the door opening to a bait position to induce the animal to fully enter the trap, allowing tight closure of the door. The trap of this invention provides an inexpensive, completely disposable, sanitary animal trap which may be adapted for a wide variety of sizes of animals.

4,937,968    Mousetrap
Schmidt        September 22, 1992
In use, a mouse will be trapped in the bait box area after entry by the door being closed and then be trapped in the escape tube during vertical climbing along the tube to prevent downward return movement of the mouse with the only exit for the mouse being onto the platform whereby the weight of the mouse will pivot the platform and dump the mouse into the water in the container with the platform opening the door and returning to a position for receiving another mouse from the escape tube.

5,094,027    Rodent trap
Smotherman     March 10, 1992
A trap (10) for rodents and the like having a triangular chamber (12) with triangular inwardly projecting flaps (14) on each end which normally close the ends of the chamber (12) and converge and form a point inside the chamber. The flaps are resiliently articulated so that they deflect to permit entry of a rodent and automatically return to their normally closed position upon entry to prevent escape. A triangular-shaped tube (20) can be inserted into the chamber to temporarily deflect the flaps for disposal of a trapped rodent or for baiting the trap. See video below

5,107,619    Electric mouse trap
Zapata, et al.    April 28, 1992
An electric mouse trap is provided and consists of a solenoid powered by an electrical circuit mounted in a housing. The solenoid has a movable plunger pivotally connected to end of a trapping lever. An electric switch is carried on bottom of the housing under the trapping lever and is electrically connected to the circuit. A mouse entering an access opening in the housing will eat bait on the switch so that the switch will close activating the solenoid moving the trapping lever down onto the mouse. gearing arrangement for selective floor portion position control.

5,148,624     Mousetrap

Schmidt        September 1992  
{covered trap}

5,172,512    Trap for catching mice and rats
Bodker ,   et al.     December 22, 1992
A trap for catching mice and rats includes a standard mousetrap mounted within a two-part housing. The standard mousetrap includes a tab which projects through a slot an arcuate upper wall of one portion of the housing, allowing one to cock the trap from the exterior of the housing. The first portion of the housing is pivoted to the second portion of the housing so that the housing can be conveniently opened to dispose of a mouse or rat caught in the trap. The housing shields the cocked trap so as to enhance the safety thereof while allowing one to empty the trap without running the risk of touching the mouse or rat caught therein.

5,175,956    Trapping device for animals and insects
Hover, Sr. ,   et al.     January 5, 1993
An animal and insect trapping device is disclosed having a cylindrical form with an inner circumferential surface. A helical band of adhesive is disposed on this inner circumferential surface for trapping and holding the targeted species. The cylindrical member may include a window or be transparent for providing positive visual indication of the trapped species.

5,175,957    Sliding tube rodent trap

West     January 5, 1993
A trap for killing small animals comprising a first trap member and a second trap member slidingly advanceable relative to one another between a set or open alignment and a closed alignment. The trap members are baisingly urged toward said closed alignment by biasing means. The first trap member including means forming a first animal engaging edge and the second trap member including means forming a second animal engaging edge such that when the trap members are positioned in the open alignment the animal engaging edges form a trap opening. The trap includes set and trigger means for maintaining the trap members in the open alignment until engagement or activation of the set and trigger means by an animal to be trapped. The trap opening is positioned relative to the set and trigger means such that when the set and trigger means is activated by an animal the biasing means is allowed to advance the trap members toward the closed alignment such that the animal engaging edges are advanced toward one another so as to constrict the animal positioned therebetween.

5,184,416      Signal mousetrap apparatus
Brewer     February 9, 1993
A mousetrap apparatus is arranged to include a plurality of contact bosses mounted fixedly to a mousetrap assembly base, whereupon tripping of the mousetrap bail effects electrical communication between the mousetrap boss members to provide indication of a mousetrap bail in an actuated orientation relative to the mousetrap assembly. {alarm goes off in snapped snaptrap}

5,185,953    Rodent extermination device
Gross     February 16, 1993
A rodent trap that is constructed with a housing having a rodent entry and containing a launching mechanism that is activated by a photo sensor when a rodent enters the housing, the launching mechanism ejecting the rodent through an opening in the top of the housing and into a receptacle for disposal.

5,259,152    Mousetrap
Taylor     November 9, 1993
{variant on snap trap}

5,265,371    Box shaped rat trap  1993
McCuistion, III,   et al.     November 30, 1993
The invention is a rat and mouse trap that springs open a pair of doors that lead to a containment area for either killing the rats or capturing the them alive. The device uses a box shaped compartment having a pair of doors in the center and held closed by a latch on each of the doors. The latch is attached to a solenoid activated pivoting means that disengages the latch from the doors to allow them to open temporarily to drop the rat into the containment chamber below. The solenoid means is operated by a microswitch in connection with bait over the doors. Upon touching the bait, the microswitch sends an electric signal to the solenoid which pivots and pulls both latches away from the doors and holds them open long enough for the rat to drop into the containment area below.

5,305,545    Electromechanical device for the continuous trapping of pests
Cerullo     April 26, 1994
An air-tight vermin trap includes a lower section containing a disinfectant liquid, an upper section sealingly mounted on the lower section and a cover sealingly covering the upper section. The upper section defines an entrance opening having a cover flap which can sealingly close the entrance opening. A drop floor which is activated by an electromechanical system operates to drop a vermin into the lower section upon actuation of a sensor flap by the vermin. Vermin access elements extend upwardly along the lower section and the upper section to the entrance body.

5,325,621    Animal trap
Giglietti     July 5, 1994
A preset animal trap comprising at least one side wall defining a chamber closed off on the top by a removable top end wall and on the bottom by a bottom end wall. The side wall forms an entrance hole larger than the size of the animal to be trapped. A resilient trap door is secured to the inside surface of the side wall and conforms to said inside surface such that, in a closed position, it is flush against the inside surface of the side wall and completely covers the entrance hole. The open end of the trap door is surrounded by a frame member secured to the inside surface of the side wall to inhibit the trap door from being opened from inside the chamber.

5,375,367    Mousetrap with deep bait receptacle

Pust     December 27, 1994
{variant on snap trap}

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