Big Sky Wildlife Control Service, LLC
Street: Po Box 50670
City: Billings
Federal State: MT
Country: USA
Postcode: 59105

"We find the gaps that bats, birds and invading raccoons and squirrels can enter your home  and repair them. We seal up using a variety of materials taking the architectural design of your home or building into consideration, and give you the best animal proofing  possible. Most homes qualify for our animal damage repair warranty."

"Need Emergency Bat Removal? Got a bat in your home?  Think you may have bats in your attic, fireplace, chimney , soffits or eaves of your home.  We are the most humane bat control company you will find in all of eastern Montana . We will inspect your home for bat entry and exit points . We will then seal off your home from further bat entry and then we install special bat excluders that allow the bats to exit and never re-enter again." 

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