Infestation Control, Inc.
Street: 14650 Rothgeb Drive
City: Rockville
Federal State: MD
Country: USA
Postcode: 20850

"If you are looking for a pest control company with honesty, integrity and the customer’s best interest in mind, you have found us.  Infestation Control, Inc. has been offering quality pest control services to the Washington Metropolitan area since 1979, serving the Washington areas finest homes and residents.  ICI is proud to service many local restaurants, grocery and retail establishments, medical and health care facilities, as well as the homes of many Fortune 500 presidents and CEO’s.  ICI offers solutions to all of your pest control issues from ants to spiders, rats to mice, bees to termites, and so much more using the most up to date and most effective methods available."

"Infestation Control, Inc. can humanely remove nuisance wildlife from your home and property including squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and groundhogs." 

Pest Services Company

"Pest Services Company offers Wildlife Trapping and Relocation Services. Our initial service call includes a visual inspection for damage such as chewed wiring, locating entry points, and setting of live cage traps. We not only remove unwanted animals, but we also follow up with repairs to prevent future problems. Physically preventing the animal from the area being damaged or disturbed is the best and most permanent way to control the problem.
* Our team is fully licensed
* Employee Background Checks
* Experts in live trapping, humane animal removal and relocation.
* Full exclusion services available so you can keep unwanted animals out
* We offer a humane and ecological responsible answer to your rodent and animal problems.
* Squirrels
* Raccoons
* Opossums
* Birds
* Bats
* Pigeons"

Trappro Humane Wildlife Removal
Street: 1700 14th Street Northwest
Federal State: Washington, DC
Country: USA
Postcode: 20009

"At TRAPPRO, "One Call Traps All." TRAPPRO is family owned and operated and is committed to humanely, professionally, and as fast as possible rid your home all invasive nuisance wildlife. Our inspectors and professional animal trappers are knowledgeable and friendly and TRAPPRO offers the best service at affordable rates. At TRAPPRO, we specialize in exclusion work as well as hazardous material removal (including dead animal carcasses, animal, bat and bird feces and all nests and nesting materials) as well as odor removal - we will remove the source of the odor."

Zoopro, Inc
Street: PO Box 62625
City: Virginia Beach
Federal State: VA
Country: USA
Postcode: 23466

"ZOOPRO, Inc. is a humane wildlife rescue and removal service. We are fully licensed and insured and possess current Commercial Nuisance Animal Permits from Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. All animals receive proper placement, if necessary, in accordance with state and local laws. We have turned many animals over to the appropriate City departments or local rehabilitators. We also offer an exotic placement service. We take any unwanted reptiles, birds or other exotic animals that are legal in the state of Virginia. This may include animals abandoned by tenants or homeowners."

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