Andy Law Pest Control
Street: 19 Dunbarney Avenue
City: Bridge of Earn
County: Perth
Country: UK
Postcode: PH2 9BP
Favorite Rank: 3

"Andy Law Pest Control  provide expert rabbit control and rabbit proofing for customers in Perth & Kinross, Tayside, Fife, Angus and throughout Scotland. You can trust us to get it right."

"We combine the traditional, country skills of rabbit control with modern methods of rabbit control. Add this to our years of experience of rabbit behaviour and we can provide truly effective rabbit control programmes." 

"And we have specialist skills in rabbit control and rabbit proofing over large areas as well as in gardens and in and around buildings, so we can offer all the options for the best pest control for rabbits."

"Animal Welfare is important in rabbit control too. You can trust us to do rabbit control humanely, safely and legally. We have years of experience and backgrounds in veterinary science and game-keeping; we really are experts." 

Anglo Scottish Pest Control
Street: 5 Millar Place Lane
Country: UK
Postcode: EH10 5HL

"Anglo Scottish Pest Control has been helping commercial and residential customers get rid of bird problems, insect infestations, wasp nests and more since 1989."

"Whether you’re having pigeon problems or sick of seagulls, we can supply humane methods of bird control to prevent health and building problems…" 

Dead Cert Pest Control Dumfries
Street: 56 Cartha Road
City: Calside
County: Dumfries
Federal State: Scotland
Country: UK
Postcode: DG1 4JB

"Dead Cert Pest Control are proud to be members of The British Molecatchers Register and the Association of Professional Molecatchers and as such are experts in trapping moles. Trapping is the most humane and effective way of controlling moles. Dead Cert Pest Control offer a "no mole- -no fee" service, giving you peace of mind as to the quality of service provided."

Hawkman Services Ltd.
Street: 219 Main Street
City: Wishaw
County: Lanarkshire
Country: UK
Postcode: ML2 7NE
"Hawkman Services have been established for nearly 10 years. During this time we have built up an excellent reputation with many of our satisfied clients."
"We offer pest control services to the domestic and commercial market, however we specialise in the Avian Pest control i.e. Birds. We use a natural way of controlling pest birds. We use Hawks, during the process we use Hawks that are flown in to the troubled areas where the pest birds are roosting. The hawks presence becomes known to the other birds and prevents them from roosting in that particular area."
"This method means that no bird is harmed, and the problem is eradicated in a humane way."
Humane Wildlife Solutions
Street: 18 Weensland Park Hawick
City: Scottish Borders
Federal State: Scotland
Country: UK
Postcode: TD9 9RP
Favorite Rank: 2
"Humane Wildlife Solutions is your 100% humane alternative to pest control. We can offer you a service where we can help you overcome wildlife conflict on your properties both domestic and commercial. We do this by repelling and deterring rather than the current methods offered by pest control services of trapping and killing."
"We believe we can all live side by side, humans and wildlife. If there is conflict then we will help you overcome this by using humane methods only."
Intercept Pest Control
Street: 212 Dickson Drive
City: Irvine
County: North Ayrshire
Country: Scotland
Postcode: KA12 9EZ
Description: "If you need friendly, humane pest control anywhere in Ayrshire, contact Intercept Pest Control today. Where possible, company owner and proprietor Stuart Wright will endeavour to provide advice and information on infestation prevention, free of charge. "Should our services be required however, sympathetic, experienced pest control expert Stuart will remove unwanted pests from your home or business premises as humanely as possible, with the minimum amount of disruption to you or your company. "Any and all hazardous materials, like nests and droppings, are safely removed and disposed of once the job is completed."
Scottish Pest Control Services
Street: Middle Grange
City: Culross
County: Fife
Country: UK
Postcode: KY12 8EL

"Scottish Pest Control is committed to providing a professional and efficient pest control service to all its customers, which range from homeowners to large commercial companies the length and breadth of Scotland."

"Scottish Pest Control can offer the use of humane live trapping, which allows us to trap and relocate nuisance rodents." 

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