Advanced Wildlife Control

"As more and more wilderness areas are being developed, wildlife/human conflicts will increase. Many wild animals and birds are no longer dispersing, but adapting to living around and with humans. This can create all sorts of problems and concerns.

"At Advanced Wildlife Control, I use non-lethal approaches in order to solve your problem. This might involve catching and removing the animal/bird and relocating it. It may involve the use of repellents or exclusionary measures. Sometimes, it involves a combination of the above."

Braemar Pest Control Services
Street: 51 Duke St. Bedford Industrial Pk.
City: Bedford
Federal State: Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Postcode: B4A 2Z2
"Whether you need residential, commercial or industrial pest control services, call Braemar at  (902) 835-2304..."
"At Braemar, we are committed to leading the advancement and use of environmentally sound pest management tactics throughout the industry."
"Amongst other humane and environmentally responsible measures, we are proud to use state-of-the-art, low toxicity chemicals in our pest management solutions that are much less harmful to people, pets and their surroundings."

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