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These companies offer in North America remote electronic monitoring for rodents (see further below for details about their products/services):
* Anticimex North America
* Bayer Digital Pest Management
* Bell Laboratories - Bell Sensing Technologies
* Corteva AgriScience (Dow AgroSciences spinoff), ActiveSense
* Kness Manufacturing Co.
* ServiceMaster
* ServicePro
* VM Products
* Woodstream/Victor

Anticimex North America - AntiCimex SMART Digital Pest Control

"Anticimex SMART uses high-tech digital traps, sensors and cameras to help control rodent activity."



2) Bayer Digital Pest Management

“Once installed, all responsible personnel can remotely log on to the Bayer Digital Pest Management web portal to access the full activity history of all devices,” said Peter Jardine, strategic marketing lead, transformational innovation, Bayer, Environmental Science unit. “The activities include trap movements, rodent captures, system status, battery levels and the daily ‘heartbeat’ messages of every monitor, which verify the status and integrity of the system. We like to say that, ‘It’s not only wireless, but also tireless.’”

“Our business model is a service paid by monthly subscription,” said Chris Pienaar, global head of transformational innovation, Bayer, Environmental Science unit. “There is no hardware or software to buy and no worries about technology updates. We know PMPs will want to evaluate the technology before they fully commit,” he added. “This is why we have a smaller sensor configuration we call a ‘Flexible Sensor Network’ or FSN for short. It is just 20 sensors, with basic services attached to it (primarily alerts) for a low monthly fee. The FSN is a great way for PMPs to familiarize themselves with the technology and understand its potential impact on their business.”

Bayer states that the subscription includes:

  • Use of the Gateway, Sensors and Probes
  • Software, installation app, platform access, provisioning and updates
  • Client and customer set-up, support, training and installation assistance
  • Real-time data, status notifications and activity reporting
  • Cellular data communication charges

The products use Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

"To date, the RMS has reduced – by up to 60 percent on average – the time needed to check traps manually, Bayer reports."

Video: Bayer Rodent Monitoring System: A Game-Changing Strategy in Food Safety

3) Bell Laboratories - Bell Sensing Technologies

Video: Introducing Bell Sensing Technologies (booth at Pest World, 2019)

"Bell’s Express iQ bait station tray, T-REX iQ rat snap trap and 24/7 iQ multi-catch are now available with fully integrated sensors, batteries and antennas. The sensors collect timestamps of rodent activity and communicate via Bluetooth technology to the Bell Sensing mobile app, when technicians are on-site performing their pest control service. Our new mobile app communicates rodent activity to the cloud, allowing PMPs to analyze the amount of rodent activity at each account by date and device. iQ products help technicians do their jobs better."

Video: Bell’s iQ™ Product Line

4) Corteva Agriscience

9330 Zionsville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Corteva’s AIR1 sensor for ActiveSense

How it works

Video: ActiveSense Overview

"What is the system’s range?
The AIR1 sensor uses LoRa (long range, low power) technology, which has superior range capabilities to Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

"How does the system fit with audited facilities?
"The National Pest Management Association has included the use of remote monitoring systems in its 2016 Pest Management Standards for Food Processing & Handling Facilities. The ActiveSense™ system provides an additional level of product and brand protection that make it a great fit for even the most stringent quality assurance programs."

Video: Booth talk at PestWorld Conference

5) Kness Manufacturing Co.

KritterSense Remote Monitoring System

The identical sensor, which is powered by a 9v battery, has different attachments to connect to snap traps, cage traps, multi-rodent traps, and bait stations.

Product Sheet
Webinar: The Who's, What's, Where's and Why's of Electronic Rodent Monitoring

Video: Booth presentation at PestWorld

Reporting (pest management company, customer and area) and heat maps

6) Massey/Bridg

"An official partnership has been signed between Orlando, Fla.-based Massey Services and BRIDG, a not-for-profit, industry-led public-private partnership for advanced sensors, optics, photonics and other advanced manufacturing devices. The partnership will provide Massey Services with the ability and opportunity to co-develop products using BRIDG’s state-of-the-art microelectronics facility in NeoCity, Oseola County, Fla."

7) ServiceMaster

ServiceMaster acquires IoT service provider Pest Pulse

The deal closed in late May 2019, about six months after Pest Pulse launched its first customer. The company was less than two years old.

8) ServicePro

ServicePro servsensor

"Pest Control Enterprise Management software ServSuite by ServicePro offers a remote monitoring solution called ServSensor. It works in a way that a sensor is placed at your service location. When the sensor detects rodent or wildlife movement, a notification gets sent to the technician. This way, they will immediately know whether the activity took place in the trap, trap door or receive a snap trap confirmation, but also, if the cage door / snap trap is now closed regardless of whether something was caught. ServSensor includes software to help you manage, support, and track what’s happening with your service locations. It also includes reporting tools to help you track your progress and make better business decisions."

"For more information on ServSensor, visit or call (614) 874-4300.

Video: ServSensor Overview

9) VM Products

"Over the past few years, our company has been developing various electronic rodent monitoring systems for the professional pest control market. Everyday we see the advantages that this type of system offers over traditional rodent control. It frees up technicians to focus on risk assessments, prevention, and client reinforcement – rather than inspecting non-active devices. It provides a real-time notification of a rodent’s behavior, as well as the time and place of the activity. These immediate alerts lead to more efficient responses: identifying and treating before infestations occur or grow.

"I often get asked if I believe that this is the future of rodent management. My answer to that is yes. The Internet of Things (IoT) is introducing itself into pest control across various pest platforms and will only continue to expand in the future."

The EZ Square Rat is a stand-alone Wi-Fi snap trap system that allows the PMP to install the device in 60 seconds or less anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection or hotspot.
Real-time alerts when your trap is snapped.
Powered by a 2-year lifespan battery.
Works with customer’s Wi-Fi or a Wi-Fi hotspot

10) Woodstream/Victor

Victor’s Wi-Fi Enabled Product Line

Users "download Victor’s Smart-Kill™ app from their app store or marketplace of choice and connect traps to their own Wi-Fi. From there, users can monitor traps from any location using their mobile device"

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