Anything Wildlife

Street: 7905 Bayview Ave
City: Thornhill
Federal State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Postcode: L3T 7N3
Phone: 416-609-7084

"Specializing in humane wildlife removal, using the most innovative techniques to get wildlife out of your home and to KEEP THEM OUT! Using live trapping, one way doors, repellents and hands on removal, we safely rid your home and properties of unwanted wildlife and protect it from further intrusion. We deal with all wildlife including bees, rats, bats, birds, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, foxes and coyotes, all these species and more. All animals are dealt with humanely without the use of poisons, pesticides or unfriendly chemicals in your home or property. We do repairs of animal damage, chimney and vent screens, as well as animal exclusion to prevent further damage and entry to your home or property. With offices close to you and 24 hour emergency service, as well as local 416 and 1-800 numbers we're just a phone call away to servicing you!"

Located in: Ontario

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