Cape Fear Wildlife Control, LLC

Street: 3890 Wilkersham Way
City: Fayetteville
Federal State: NC
Country: USA
Postcode: 28306
Phone: 910-872-7737

"People call us to: Exclude bats from their homes safely and legally, without leaving baby bats trapped in the attic to die.  Bats give birth in late spring.  Their babies are unable to fly until the end of July. Remove flying squirrels and grey squirrels from attics.  If left to raise in the attic, squirrels can chew through interior walls and electrical wiring, sometimes resulting in electrical fires."

 "Catch and remove raccoons, possums, skunks and other nuisance wildlife from their dwellings. Remove snakes from homes safely without harming them.  I identify where the snake entered and repair the opening so snakes will not be able to enter your home again. Remove beaver in situations where they are causing property damage."

"I am certified to be a Wildlife Damage Control Agent through the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission."

Located in: NC

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