Arrow Pest Control Exterminator & Wildlife Mngmnt.

Street: 593 12th Street
City: Tonganoxie
Federal State: KS
Country: USA
Postcode: 66086
Phone: 913-845-3400

"Arrow Pest Control Pro has trained raccoon control professionals to help rid your home or business of these pesky animals. We offer professional, raccoon removal services for residential and commercial customers. Our raccoon control professionals are certified in environmentally friendly raccoon control handling and exclusion, and are trained in humane raccoon removal techniques. We use live trapping techniques to remove raccoons, and habitat modification methods to prevent problems from recurring. Our technicians safely and humanely remove raccoons from your attic or elsewhere in your home or business to prevent raccoon damage. At Arrow Pest Control Pro, we go one step further by sealing any outside entry points, placing screens over vents, or establishing other barriers to intrusion to keep the raccoons out."

Located in: KS

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