Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control, Inc.

Street: 7211 W. 98th Terr. Suite 100
City: Overland Park
Federal State: KS
Country: USA
Postcode: 66212
Phone: 913 338-3330
Favorite Rank: 2

"Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control understands the law and we will be sure to handle your [Squirrel, skunk or raccoon] removal in a legal and humane way."

"Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control has been certified by Bird Barrier America since 1995. This means that you can rest assured that we know the most effective and humane means of pigeon removal and bird control. All of our technicians are Certified Bird Control Specialists."

"We offer all services to humanely regulate your goose population. We fully understand the behavior of the Canada goose and the problems that arise from their presence. Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control, Inc. uses the most up-to-date techniques to get rid of geese humanely, economically and efficiently. We assess the problem with you or your property manager to answer any questions and to design a management program that's right for your property."

(816)769-3106 for service in Kansas City
(816)455-4552 for service in the Northland
(913)338-3330 for service in Overland Park.

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