Fairfax Nuisance Wildlife Removal

County: Northern Virginia
Country: USA
Postcode: VA
Phone: 703-276-8727

"Our goal is to professionally, humanely and expeditiously rid your home of any and all invasive wildlife while offering knowledgeable and friendly service at affordable rates. We specialize in exclusion work, as well as odor control and hazardous material removal i.e., expired carcasses, nesting materials and animal feces. We remove squirrels, bats, snakes, opposums, racoons, birds, skunks, ground hogs, beavers and other nuisance animals and other wildlife that may be trapped in your attic, chimney, garage, shed or basement and possibly be a rabies problem. We service the Washington DC Metro area, Northern Virginia and all parts of Fairfax County, Virginia."

Located in: VA

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