Advanced Pest Control

Street: 3945B Greenbriar Dr.
City: Stafford
Federal State: TX
Country: USA
Postcode: 77477
Phone: 281-494-8900

"We're Experts at trapping, removal, and excluding all sorts of animals from Squirrels to Raccoons to Armadillos, Ducks, Geese, Snakes and other creatures that have become pests.

"We HUMANELY LIVE TRAP and gently remove and relocate animals whenever possible. Our goal is simply to remove the animals from your home, business, or grounds where they may be causing damage and to relocate them to where they will be safe and happy.

"We can assess the damage they have caused and repair or seal areas so that this problem won't happen again. Ask us about a Preventative Exclusion to keep out these unwanted pests now and in the future.

"Bat Control  is one of our areas of expertise. Not everyone treats bats with the respect they deserve, but we’ll do our best, using bat friendly capture techniques and relocation to move them along.

"Contact us for humane possum control solutions and safe removal."

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Located in: TX

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