Research on Glueboards

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Evaluation of the Humaneness of Rodent Capture Using Glue Traps, Prepared for the Canadian Association of Humane Trapping, 31 July 2013 Author: Nicole Fenwick, M.SC., December 9th, 2014

"Glue traps are used for rodent pest control, particularly when chemical control methods (e.g. rodenticides) are undesirable, but their humaneness is questioned. Few scientific studies report on the effects that glue trapping has on rodents due to the ethical concerns of conducting harmful animal research. However, these findings show that rodents struggle to escape and become fully entangled in the glue, with feet, body and head eventually becoming stuck. Other data shows that a large proportion of glue-trapped rodents remain alive for at least 24 hours after capture. In evaluations of vertebrate pest control, methods that are considered the most humane generally cause the least amount and shortest duration of pain and distress. Therefore, the available evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that the use of glue traps for rodent pest control does not meet established standards for either humane restraint or humane killing."

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